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Sparkle is my 9 lb. whippa-wawa rescue from the Longmont Humane Society! She had been hit by a car and the driver sped off. Some blessed soul saw the event and ran her to the local Animal Hospital. She had to have en eye operation and I found her shaking huddled in the corner of her pen with a big old cone head. Her heart spoke to me loud and clear and the rest is history! She hops into my purse and goes with me most everywhere. The vet declared her part whippet and chihuahua (I also see a bit of prairie dog) with a speedy racing stripe down her nose.

Bling is my 6 lb. chi-minimanchester from the Boulder Humane Society. She is a cuddlebug and sweet as can be, small but mighty! They both know how to cha-cha and sport a pretty fun wardrobe with my touch of bling on it!

All animals are angels on this planet and I’m grateful to have them living with me!


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  1. Hi Kristal,

    Awe… Sparkle is so cute. I am sure she is thankful she has someone to love and care for her. In addition, I agree, animals are angles and they love their family, unconditionally. Thank you for sharing Sparkle with everyone. Happy Holidays to you both!


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