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I’m soooooo happy to give away a signed copy of Diane Fitzgerald’s book, Favorite Beading Projects, to one of my beady peeps! Tell me how you first got started beading here on my blog and I’ll randomly select a winner TGIF March 9th*


Can I just say every time I’ve bumped into Diane Fitzgerald, I feel I should curtsey as one would in the presence of royalty, such as a queen. Of course I’m usually wearing sandals or Crocs; neither lend themselves well in curtseying not to mention, Diane isn’t decked out in a ruffly, layered, poof skirted ball gown¬†either, so I just say “Hey Diane.” But we all know she is indeed seed bead royalty!

I have the pleasure of perusing through her latest book from Lark due out March 6, 2012, Diane Fitzgerald’s Favorite Beading Projects. With 24 delicious projects ranging from Stringing to Beadweaving; a lovely Forward by the renowned Jean Campbell; and an inspiring Gallery, she finally got me! Diane’s 11th book has captured me with it’s simpler projects and I’ve got a needle threaded with a pile of seed beads ready to start her Diamond Chain Bracelet project before I’ve even finished looking through the entire book! I’ve always admired her innovative and complex designs yet felt afraid to move beyond my safe and beloved peyote stitch to try any of her fancy masterpieces. This book has changed all that for me.

Diane makes it very enticing to dive in and join her on her personal beading path. The quality of the images is spectacular as well as the easy to follow colored diagrams. I also must comment on the friendly font and layout of this book-simply delightful and inviting. I love her wide range of techniques and skill level of the projects presented. Gotta’ go now, Diamond Chain Bracelet is calling me, no wait…maybe I’ll start with Midnight Snowflakes…no wait….

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*Free book shipped to USA address only.