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Bon Voyage Alaska!


Marjorie Glacier in Glacier Bay, Alaska

Debbie Macomber and I yarn shopping in Vancouver, BC

Debbie Macomber & I yarn shopping in Vancouver, BC

I am one lucky ducky! Just returned from teaching jewelry making on the 1st Debbie Macomber Alaskan Stitch & Sail cruise! There were 200 knitty buddies, food 24-7, icy blue glaciers and so much more. I knew Alaskan cruises rocked but I seriously had no idea those glaciers would literally take my breath away with their beauty. I was not prepared for the icy blue cast they contained and I’m chompin’ at the bit to make an entire jewelry line inspired by these quickly disappearing wonders!


Leaving the Seattle port with my knitty pal Pennee!


Nothing like soaking onboard with that background, huh?!

IMG_5259 IMG_5256

Had excellent food on one of our stops in Juneau, still makes my mouth water!

The stunning scenery 24-7 included whales (of course I didn’t get any good pics, those guys are sooooo fast), sea lions, eagles and my all time fave- porpoises!

IMG_5320 IMG_5639 IMG_5569 IMG_5680

Of course my fave part of the cruise was my classes. I had wonderful students from all over the country, most whom had never EVER made jewelry, but fearlessly dove into this new territory with me as their tour guide! Many converts were made on that ship and I’m happy to take full responsibility! Since most of the Debbie cruisers were fiberholics, I thought it best to show them how to make jewelry that would be useful for knitted and crochet pieces. So we made Kanzashi flowers and buttons!

Image 333 Epoxy buttons1

And the all time fave class was making a custom keepsake charm bracelet! I brought my bead bar and let them choose their own beads and baubles (the most fun part if you ask me). I had a lot of charms representing characters and special moments in many of Debbie’s books so it was delightful to watch everyone select pieces from their fave Debbie novels. Thanks to my fave sponsors, I had FAB gifts for the swag bags and got to introduce the fiber crowd to some rockin’ jewelry supply companies! YAY Swarovski,, TierraCast, Clover, Nunn Design! IMG_5693

We hit every yarn shop in each port along the way and even found some delightful beads at The Hive!

The Hive in Ketchican

The Hive in Ketchican

Alaska is a must on everyone’s bucket list in my opinion. Filled with breathtaking beauty, catch these glaciers before they all melt away. This was a spectacular trip and I am thankful to Debbie Macomber for inviting me!

The perfect day!

The perfect day!