Tropical Breeze

Here’s my latest Color Inspiration – Tropical Breeze and FREE DIY from so you can make your own Tropical Breeze crystal chain!

Tropical Breeze Color Inspiration

One look at this beachy delight and all problems disappear! If you take a few moments to really experience this image, I invite you to breathe in the seashore smells, feel the warm sunny breeze on your body and dip those toes into the ocean – take a deep breath and release with a loud sigh. Now, don’t you feel better? That’s what powerful images can do for you and your jewelry making!

I made this focal piece using traditional stained glass techniques of soldering with bevels and encasing a piece of my hand painted silk fabric. I considered using a simple commercial chain but I wanted to really pop the focal and pull in more depth with the complementary wire and texture using the lovely crystal links. When you need something simple and functional, consider making your own chain. Then see where it takes you! To add a focal piece or not – that is the question (sorry Shakespeare)!

Here’s the link for Tropical Breeze crystal chain FREE DIY!



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