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James Taylor inspired necklace

Here’s my latest Color Inspiration – JT in Concert and FREE DIY from WireJewelry.com so you can make your own beauty inspired by James Taylor!

James Taylor in concert this summer

I’m a HUGE James Taylor fan!

I’ve lost track of how many live concerts I’ve been to AND how many t-shirts I have. Each concert is like a treasure that I anticipate from the moment I buy the ticket! Don’t we all have a love affair with music? We can relive a past event with just the first few notes of a song. And many of our faves helped us get through some pretty rough times. That’s James Taylor for me in a nutshell.

I was so fortunate to recently go to JT’s outdoor concert in Colorado and it was magical. I took this picture and wanted to use it as an inspiration for a piece of jewelry. I loved the dramatic color pallet and of course the memory of that event will linger each time I wear the necklace.

I used a combo of gemstones, Czech glass and crystals for this piece. It’s a lot of wrapped loops so even if you’re not good at them in the beginning-you will be by the end of the project! Of course I had to use an actual guitar pick for the focal and a little musical charm for an accent.