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Hello Strangers!


It’s been eons since I’ve blogged for all my creative peeps and I miss YOU!

So, here goes and it’s VERY good to be back!

Misty Mountain Bracelet

I LOVE creating jewelry projects with an interesting Color Inspiration, don’t you? I write articles about Color Inspiration where I take an image, create a color pallet using that image. Then I make a piece of jewelry using that color pallet. It’s a great way to broaden your artistic horizons and helps get out of any color rut you may be in. It’s a delightful exercise for any type of designer and I enjoy sharing with my artistic peeps!

Here’s my latest Color Inspiration – Misty Mountains Bracelet and FREE DIY link from WireJewelry.com so you can make it yourself!

Misty Mountains Color Inspiration

Living in the stunning state of Colorado, I am forever in awe of the beauty and nature’s everchanging color pallet. Usually, I am drawn to brighter tones for my jewelry inspiration so this one is out of my “normal” comfort zone. I tuned into the monochromatic mountain feeling of this image and this bracelet was born! It was a really satisfying experience to jump into an unfamiliar color pallet and see where that path led me artistically.

I also experimented with a “new to me wire”-aluminum. Recently, I’ve had many customers request more lighter weight jewelry so I gave it a try. I love the results! Light weight and very easy to work with so double the fun. I usually gravitate to large links for bracelets as I did in this one, but you could make this same design using the smaller oval mandrel pliers for a more delicate look. Join me and step out of your color comfort zone!

Here’s the link for Misty Mountain Bracelet FREE DIY: WireJewelry.com