Behind the Scenes of Beads Baubles & Jewels



One of my fave pleasures of being a designer is sharing my creations with jewelry makers like YOU! I really enjoy having so many venues for show-and-tell: books, classes,  and particularly TV shows. It’s always fun and exciting (and a little hair-raising) for me to get ready for a Beads, Baubles, and Jewels shoot.

As I reflected on this topic, visions of clocks kept popping up in my head. The very artifacts for telling time have changed drastically over the ages. From sun dials to old European cuckoo clocks to wind-up clocks; then, electric, battery-run, and quartz clocks. Most of today’s clocks run without a sign of movement (other than the clock hands). Gone are those tiny interlocking gears and wheelsthat used to power time-telling.

Ah, technology! Over the years, I’ve done a bunch of segments and there are always some funny bloopers that never make it to the screen but keep me feeling humble. In one of my past segments, I was supposed to show how to apply hot-fix crystals onto a fabric purse using a heat-setting tool. Sounds easy, right? Normally it would have been, except Murphy’s Law was in full force that day. Every time the camera guy yelled, “Take #, roll,” I’d apply a crystal to the fabric and it would fall off—while we were filming! You could hear the crew in the studio howling with laughter. Take 2, take 3, take 6. Still no sticking. Finally I realized the gosh-darn tool wasn’t plugged in all the way! No heat = no stick. There are many behind-the-scene stories that still make me chuckle. Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall to witness all the embarrassing outtakes?

Making  Jewelry Inspired by Time

Here’s a sneak peek at my Beads, Baubles, and Jewels segment project. My creative inner gears and wheels are cranking. I’m thinking of calling it “Timeless” and plan on using my collection of old mini clock parts, bits, and pieces (knew they’d come in handy someday) that I’ll embed with resin into a pendant.

In  Series 1300 for Beads, Baubles, and Jewels, I filmed a segment with Katie Hacker called “Designs Inspired by Technology”. I’d been pondering this topic for a couple of weeks now. What does “technology” really mean and how can it be represented in a personal piece of jewelry that you all would like to watch and make? One aspect of technology I’ve had a long love/hate relationship with is time. Does time seem to be speeding up or what? Some days I have time on my hands and love it! Lately, my days have been heading the other direction and I glare at the clock hands as they tick-tock each minute away.

Wearing this piece will always remind me of how precious time is and how quickly it flies!


Reprinted from BeadingDaily

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